Re-Shape Gastric Balloon*

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How the Re-Shape Gastric Balloon Works

The Gastric Balloon is a plastic device placed into the stomach using a flexible endoscope without a general anesthetic. The procedure takes only a few minutes while the patient is under deep IV sedation. Once in place the balloon is filled to an amount based on the individual patient’s characteristics. The scope is removed and the patient is allowed to wake up from the sedation. Patients will go home within 2 hours of the procedure.

Prior to Gastric Balloon placement the patient will enroll in a Program directed by Doctor Marvin which includes a comprehensive medical assessment, consultation with a registered dietician, and an appointment with an exercise specialist. The patient will be seen at regular intervals with ongoing education and assessment by Doctor Marvin and the other specialists. The Gastric Balloon is removed at a second endoscopic procedure after 6 months per the requirements of the FDA. The Program will cover 12 months, with medical and dietary assessments continuing after removal.

Why the Re-Shape Gastric Balloon Procedure May Be Right For You

Up until now patients seeking medical advice for weight loss – often to treat associated medical problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol or sleep apnea – have only had 2 options: medical weight loss which doesn’t work well long-term and surgery which, although effective, carries significant risk. These two areas of treatment are very far removed from one another. There appeared to be nothing to fill the gap. Now, the FDA-approved Gastric Balloon may be the answer to thousands of patients stranded in the middle.

Although the Gastric Balloon is not permanent it facilitates significant weight loss immediately after placement. Using better eating behavior reinforced with education sessions, weight loss can be expected to continue past the 6 month mark. Using this “reset” for eating behavior, a typical patient will be able to maintain a lower weight or extend the weight loss after the Gastric Balloon is removed.

Risks Associated With the Re-Shape Gastric Balloon Procedure

The Gastric Balloon is a low risk procedure. Complications are rare and almost never life-threatening. There is a period of adjustment after balloon placement where the patient’s system becomes accustomed to the presence of the balloon. Mild dehydration can occur in a minority of patients.

Endoscopic Dual Gastric Balloon (ReShape)*

Fact Sheet

NOT SURGERY – No incisions / No scars
Little or no pain
No physical restrictions after surgery
Quicker recovery than laparoscopy

  • Return to work 4-5 days
  • No work restrictions

Any significantly overweight person
BMI > 28 with comorbidities

  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol or triglycerides
  • Obstructive sleep apnea
  • Family history of heart disease or stroke

BMI > 30 without comorbidities
People who don’t want surgery

General to sedation or surgery – e.g. prohibitive cardiac risk
Previous gastric surgery
Findings at the time of endoscopy

  • Hiatal hernia > 5 cm
  • Gastric Ulcer or tumor

Need for continuous anticoagulation

Significant nausea and vomiting after placement – average 72 hours
Removed after 6 months
Highly variable weight loss
Weight regain

Low sugar clear liquids 48 hours after nausea subsides
Low fat low sugar high protein diet after liquid diet

Designed to be removed after 6 months – completely reversible
Serial EDGB placements possible

Standard risk of deep sedation (less than GETA)
Aborted placement / unable to place (<1%)
Intolerance with early removal – rare
Injury to the esophagus
Failure to lose weight – Weight regain

Patients start an exercise program before EDGB placement
Little to no interruption due to the procedure
Minimum of 150 minutes a week of some activity

  • Measure the exercise – steps/distance/time
  • Set goals
  • Exercise with someone else – family, co-worker

Deep sedation (Outpatient)
< 20 min
Go home the same day

Eat less*
Feel full faster*
Weight loss*


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